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Our History

I have been hunting birds since childhood in Maine hunting partridge on every weekend I could get dad out there with me.   We had a Golden Retriever-Black Labrador mix we would use to help us locate downed birds.  Eventually this obsession led me to get a Springer Spaniel which took me a step further and helped me find birds in the brush and flush them.  Along came 2001 and I purchased my first Drahthaar.  This was another step above the flushing dog of the past, now I had a dog that would actually point the birds out to me, all I had to do was flush, point and shoot.  With any luck I was going home with a bird or two.  Well, here it is some 22 years later and I am now producing these wonderful bird finding machines for others to enjoy!
We are located in Mountain Home Idaho on the Snake River Plain where we live, raise and hunt our German registered Deutsch Drahthaars in pursuit of upland game and waterfowl.  We breed responsibly and according to the rules and regulations of the Verin Deutsch Drahthar Group North America (VDD-GNA).

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